Diana Prichard is a freelance journalist photographer and award-winning author who has reported on agriculture, food security, foreign policy, development and other issues from Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America. She was a 2013 fellow with the International Reporting Project at John Hopkins University, serves on the Women and Girls Advisory Board at extreme poverty advocacy organization ONE, and has published bylines with CNN, MSNBC, HuffPo and many others.

Her debut children’s book, The Cow in Patrick O’Shanahan’s Kitchen (Little Pickle Press, 2013) has been the recipient of six literary awards, was the state of Virginia Ag in the Classroom’s 2016 book of the year, and has been featured in grade school curriculums from New York to Arkansas to California and beyond. Her second children’s book, the first in a trilogy of mid-grade novels is due out in 2018.

Diana lives and works on a small hog farm she founded as a first generation, female farmer. She is married and together she and her husband have two adolescent daughters.

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